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Pattern Testers

All Patterns are tested before being released by the "Orchid and Bee's VIP's Testing Team". This team is currently facilitated through the Orchid and Bee's VIP's Facebook Group and is composed of 40 volunteers. This helps ensure patterns can be completed and that 99.9% to 100% of the errors are eliminated before releasing them to the public.

This team assists with the following: 

  1. Proofreading (looking for grammar, punctuation, sentence structure errors, etc)

  2. Sight reading (reading the physical pattern instructions and looking for crochet specific instructional errors and grammar errors, format errors, etc) 

  3. Physical tests (crocheting the pattern and looking for errors)

  4. Photography (crochets the pattern and submits professional looking photos {natural lighting, good background, no distracting backgrounds, in focus/clear, etc etc) to be shared on the blog/pattern/and social media), these testers can crochet and make their piece come out almost exactly like the photo, its tight, clean, crisp and photo worthy

  5. Tech Editing (checks for stitch type errors, count errors, helps with crochet instruction wording, etc) 

The volunteer team is compensated in the following way: 

  1. Free PDF patterns

  2. Priority in special opportunities as they come available

  3. Prizes, awards and and surprise appreciation gifts/giveaways/etc 

Team Member Requirements: 

  1. Patterns tests must be turned in by the due date

  2. Pattern test final photo (if not on the proofreading/sight reading sub team)

  3. Pattern tests must include feedback (errors found, improvement recommendations)

  4. Be available to test at least 2 patterns a month (minimum) 

  5. Be able to meet deadlines (usually 7 days from pattern is given unless otherwise noted)

  6. Be able to view and use Google Docs via computer or mobile app; you will comment directly on the document in Google Docs when errors are found

Wait list 

  1. Currently all spots are filled but occasionally spots come available

  2. I will select members from the wait list to fill the spots on the team

  3. If a pattern does not have enough current team members available those on the wait list can fill in the openings for the specific pattern that is needing to be tested

  4. To join the wait list please click the button below 

Current Team Members Questionnaire

  1. Each pattern needs to be proofread, sight read, physically tested, photographed, etc. and it helps me to identify each person talent and gifting when it comes to pattern testing when you can answer questions related to testing patterns (i.e. some people are really great at just reading a pattern and finding errors, and some are really great at crocheting the pattern to find errors but are not great at getting it to look just like the photo on the pattern, and some are great at making it look just like the photo {minus color variances} and taking great looking photos that can and should be shared with the world! So there is a variety of ways each person can contribute! 

  2. The Team Member questionnaire helps me identify who can accomplish what when testing the pattern so that the pattern can be the best it can be when published world wide! If you are a current team member please click the Current Team Members button to the bottom right to fill out the questionnaire and or update your questionnaire!  

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