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Cow Lovey Crochet Along Part 2 of 4

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Happy Saturday! I am excited to share the instructions with you for how to crochet part 2 of 4 for our "Cow Lovey Crochet Along!" Today is also special because it is also my 40th Birthday! While most people mourn this day (LOL), I am super excited and energized about it!

I am excited about starting a new section of my life and have made a lot of plans to make this next decade of my life the best one yet! I have new health/fitness goals, new business goals, new mental, new emotional and new spiritual goals!

As a goal-driven person, this all excites me! I feel like I have a fresh start and am treating this like a clean slate to start over fresh with and use the wisdom from the last 40 years to make the next 40 years even better! I would like you to celebrate with me by enjoying a complimentary pattern from my Ravelry Shop!

You can click on this code "BIRTHDAY40" or type it into Ravelry to get one free pattern! Enjoy!

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I love to "exhort" others and uplift those around me in my daily life so I decided to also extend this into my "online" life and encourage the members of my VIP group. I share motivational tidbits, life tips, and words of love and encouragement throughout the week to help us all make it through the week and all of lifes challenges that come our way!

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Note: This post contains affiliate links in which I may earn a small commission on for clicks and or purchases at no extra cost to you. This helps me provide the blog, website, and pattern free to you. Without your support I could not provide these services and products and my family and I thank you!


Ok, enough of the Birthday Shenanigans! Onto Part 2 of the Lovey!

Today we are crocheting the main cow head section! This will not include the ears! Todays instructions, however, will include an option for crocheting eyes if desired.

Before we jump into the instructions I want to remind you of the prize info! I have enjoyed seeing your progress photos in the VIP Group on Facebook! Here are the prize details so make sure you are taking your opportunities. during the week to qualify for a final prize or two!

  1. Participation Prize: All participants who post a final photo in the VIP Facebook group with the hashtag #COWCAL will get a FREE PDF downloadable/printable copy of the pattern from my Ravelry Shop!

  2. Photo Contest: By September 6th the person who received the most unique comments, likes, hearts, smiley face emojis will win a "SURPRISE PRIZE!" *in the past the prizes have been something such as skeins of yarn, a years worth of patterns, crochet gift set, giftcards... etc etc, so be sure to take some great photos!

  3. Designers Choice Award: I will personally pick a participant to win a "Suprise Prize" based on participation, VIP group interactions, finished project and photo. The more you participate in the group on post related to the Crochet Along the more chances you have to win!

Let's move onto the instructions!

Today you will need two colors for your cow head, one for the snout section and one for the top of the head and face like in the photo below. We will NOT be working the arms/legs, ears, or flower today.

The legs will be worked next Saturday, the 21st. The ears and assemble will be worked on Saturday the 28th.

Here are the instructions for crocheting the headpiece and eyes:


  1. Worsted Weight 4 yarn - 2 colors of choice

  2. Hook - H or 5mm for main sections or G4mm if making it smaller and E or 3.5 mm if making eyes

  3. Needle

  4. Scissors

  5. Stitch Marker

  6. Safety Eyes - I used 2 - .39in (10mm)

  7. Poly fil

  8. Hot Glue - optional for extra security when using safety eyes

  9. Yarn Needles

Stitch Key:

Ch - chain

Sc - single crochet

Sl st - slip stitch

Sk - skip a stitch/space

Inv Dec - Invisible decrease - in front loop only sc2tog

Sp - space

#st - complete # number of sts in same space

St # - complete stitch in next # number of spaces

( ) - do all in the same stitch

* * - repeat *to* around or as many times as stated

Cow Head: H5 mm hook

Note: you will be working in continuous rounds, place and move stitch marker to last stitch of each round

Note: crochet tightly with a tight tension

Note: we are beginning with the snout and will end at the back of the head

  • Begin: With Coral or choice of color, MR, ch 1.

  • Round 1: Sc 5 in MR, pull tight to close, sl st to join. (5st)

  • Round 2: 2sc in each stitch around. (10st)

  • Round 3: *Sc, 2sc*, repeat *to* around. (15st)

  • Round 4: *Sc 2, 2sc*, repeat *to* around. (20st)

  • Round 5: *Sc 3, 2sc*, repeat *to* around. (25st)

  • Round 6 - 10: Sc 25, change color to white before finishing the last stitch. Snout complete. (25st) *weave in the tail from your MR before proceeding to Round 11

Note: next round begins the face/back of head section

  • Round 11 & 12: Sc 25. (25st)

  • Round 13: *Sc 4, 2sc*, repeat *to* around. (30st)

  • Round 14: *Sc 5, 2sc*, repeat *to* around. (35st)

  • Round 15: *Sc 6, 2sc*, repeat *to* around. (40st)

  • Round 16: Sc 40. (40st)

  • Round 17: *Sc 6, inv dec*, repeat *to* around. (35st)

  • Round 18: Sc 35. (35st)

  • Round 19: *Sc 5, inv dec*, repeat *to* around. (30st)

  • Round 20: *Sc 4, inv dec*, repeat *to* around. (25st)

  • Round 21: *Sc 3, inv dec*, repeat *to* around. (20st)

Note: if using safety eyes add those now before proceeding to round 22. I placed mine 1 inch above the nose section and 1.5 inches apart from one another. If crocheting your eyes skip past this section to crochet instructions for eyes

Note: if someone requests I use safety eyes on a baby item I make sure I take extra safety measures by applying non-toxic hot glue to the back of the eyes. I make sure some adheres to the fibers of the yarn around the edges as well to give it extra security.

Note: if you would like to crochet your eyes and attach before proceeding:

Crochet Eye Alternative: 3.5 mm hook or smaller if desired - make 2

  • Begin: With black or choice of color, MR, ch 1.

  • Round 1: Sc 4, pull tight to close, sl st to join, fasten off. (4st)

  • Highlight: With darning needle and white yarn sew about a single 1/8th inch stitch.

Attach: follow the attachment instructions in the safety eye section

Head Section continued:

  • Round 22: *Sc 2, inv dec*, repeat *to* around. (15st)

  • Round 23: *Sc, inv dec*, repeat *to* around. (10st)

Note: Stuff with poly fill to desired fullness before proceeding to Round 24, massage head to get desired shape, I "smashed" my snout into a squarish ovalish shape to get the snout look ha ha!

  • Round 24: *Sc, inv dec*, repeat *to* around, fasten off leaving a tail. (5st)

  • Close: With needle and tail, weave through one loop of each stitch, pull tight to close the circle and weave in the tail.


And that is it for today! Next week we will work on the legs and the week following we will work on the ears and then assemble it all! I hope you are finding this pattern easy and fun so far!

Thanks again for joining me on this Crochet Along and I will see you next Saturday!

Have a wonderful week and I pray many blessings to come your way! Remember to count all your blessings in the midst of trials and difficulties to help you keep your strength while moving through the challenges. There is always sunshine after the storms! See you next week!


Karen E.

Orchid and Bee's

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