How to Crochet a Boho Bull Applique

Do you need a crochet project to help you prepare for spring?! March 19th, the first day of Spring, here in the United States is just around the corner and this is a great project to prepare for your spring and summer decor needs! There's all kinds of possibilities with this cheeky little bull!

Before we get tot he pattern I want to share a little backstory about this bull...

When I first started the Orchid and Bee's VIP Facebook Group I did a fun thing each month to celebrate the first group of members and pattern testers. Each month I would do a Top 10 Hall of Fame and the the top 2 members got prizes. One of the prizes was they got to pick a design they wanted me to make and then have it named after them.

In August 2019, Alma Jones Harper, was in our top 2 and the design she wanted me to make was a bull because she is a Taurus ha ha... she gave me quite the challenge!

I was not to sure about my ability to make a bull and was a little nervous but I took on this challenge and I wasn't going to give up lol! I played with a few drawings and finally I came up with a concept I liked and then it was time to crochet it and write up a pattern!!!

...And BAM! "Alma's Boho Bull" came into existence ha ha! This pattern quickly became a crowd favorite and I believe it will be a favorite of yours too! So here is how you make this cheeky little Boho Bull....

“Alma’s Boho Bull Crochet Pattern"


  • Yarn: Worsted Weight 4 (Brown, Light Pink, White, Black, Purple, Green, Dark Pink, Grey, Blue)

  • Hook: H 5mm & G 4mm

  • Needle

  • Hot glue if gluing applique

  • Stitch Markers

  • Scissors


MR - Magic Ring

Dc - double crochet

Sc - single crochet

Sl st - slip stitch

Hdc - half double crochet

Sts - stitches

Hdc2tog - half double crochet two stitches together or invisible decrease by going through the front loops only when doing the hdc2tog

* * - repeat *to*

Skill level / Language- Beginner/Intermediate: If you are unsure of any stitches YouTube is a great resource! American Standard Terms is used throughout this pattern.

Thank you - I appreciate your business and your support means so much to me! If you need anything please reach out to me and I will be happy to help! You can find “Orchid & Bee’s” on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Also be sure to join the VIP group for early access to patterns and get free exclusive patterns!

Pattern Info - This is such a fun pattern! Have fun playing with it! You can add more flowers and greenery if you desire! You can also play with the stitches in the horns to get different shapes, especially if you want longhorns! Depending on how you assemble him he is approximately 10in x 10in. You can adjust his size by going down in hook sizes, having a tighter tension and assembling him a little more compactly.

Pattern Instructions

*leave long tails if sewing together, otherwise weave in ends if assembling with hot glue.

*beginning turning chains do not count as st

Head: Brown - H hook

Begin: Ch 15

Row 1: Hdc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc 13, ch 1. (14st)

Row 2 - 13: Turn, hdc 14, ch1. (14st)

Row 14: Turn, hdc, hdc2tog, hdc 8, hdc2tog, hdc, ch 1. (12st)

Row 15: Turn, hdc, hdc2tog, hdc 6, hdc2tog, hdc, ch 1. (10st)

Row 16: Turn, hdc in each st around entire border of head, placing 2hdcs in each corner, sl to to join to first hdc, fasten off.

Bull 's Nose Pink - H hook

Begin: Ch 15

Round 1: Hdc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc 12, 3hdc in last st, continue around to unworked side of chain hdc 12, 2hdc, sl st to join, ch 1. (30st)

Round 2: Place st marker in first st. Hdc 14, 3hdc, hdc 14, 3hdc, sl st to join, ch 1. (34st)

Round 3: Move st marker to first st of this round. Hdc 15, 3 hdc, hdc 16, 3 hdc, hdc, sl st to join, fasten off. (38st)

Round 4: Move st marker to first st of this round. Hdc in each st around, sl st to join, fasten off. (38st)

Nose Ring: Grey -G Hook

Begin: Ch 16, fasten off.

Eyes: (black, blue, white) - G Hook - make 2

Begin: Start with black, MR, ch 2.

Round 1: Dc 9, sl st to join, change color to blue, ch 2. (9st)

Round 2: 2Hdc in each st around, change color to white, ch 1. (18st)

Round 3: *Sc, 2sc*, repeat around, sl st to join, fasten off. (27st)

Eyebrows: G Hook - Black - make 2

Begin: Ch 7

Row 1: Sl st in 2nd st from hook and in each st after, fasten off, tie tails together in knot to get a more defined point at end of eyebrow. (6st)

Ears - H Hook - Brown - make 2

Begin: Ch 17

Round 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc, hdc 2, dc 2, tr 4, dc 2, hdc, 2sc, sc 2, continue around to unworked side of ch, sc, hdc 2, dc 2, tr 4, dc 2, hdc 2, sc 2, ch 1. (32st)

Round 2: Hdc in each st around the entire ear, sl st to join, fasten off. (64st)

Horns - H Hook - White - make 2 ( if you want a longhorn bull feel free to additional chs and sts!)

Begin: Ch 25

Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc 3, 2sc, 2sc, hdc 6, 2dc, dc 6, tr 3, 2tr, tr, ch 1. (28st)

Row 2: Turn, sc 28 st, continue down and around to unworked side of beginning , sc 28, fasten off.

Note: for smaller flowers in the following steps you can go down in hook size.

Flower Petals - H Hook - Purple or color choice - make 3

Begin: MR, ch 1

Round 1: Hdc 5 in MR, sl st to join, ch 3. (5st)

Round 2: Dc, ch 3, sl st in the same st, 1st petal made, * sl st in next st, ch 3, dc, ch 3, sl st ALL in same st*, 2nd petal made, repeat st between * to * in the next three sts to make 3 more petals, sl st to join, fasten off. (5petals)

Flower Button Centers - H Hook - Dark Pink or color choice - make 3

Begin: MR, ch 1.

Round 1: Sc 5 in MR, sl st to join, fasten off. (5st)

Leaves - H Hook - Green - make 6

Begin: Ch 5

Row 1: Sl st in 2nd ch from hook, dc 2, sl st in the last st, fasten off. (4st)


I recommend laying out all your pieces and positioning them to get the look that you want before sewing or gluing. You can use T pins to help hold things in place if desired. I hot glued my Bull together but feel free to use fabric glue or sew together. The Hot Glue I use is non-toxic and can be washed on cold water setting and laid flat to dry/ (or low/tumble dry setting in dryer).

You can play with the bull’s features such as the eyebrows to get different looks. For instance to get an angrier bull face look you can point the eyebrows down closer in the center together, or for a questioning look raise one eyebrow and leave the other more flat. Also you can play with the position of the horns to get different looks as well.

The picture below is from Julie Lee in the Orchid and Bee's VIP Facebook Group and she is on the Orchid and Bee's Testing Team. She gave this a cute little baby bull look and twisted her horns!

Here is one more picture that was submitted by Rachna Khendry, who is from Hyderabad, India! We love having members from all over the world in the Orchid and Bee's Family! Rachna is also on the Orchid and Bee's Testing Team and I love her colors and how she shaped her horns!

My assembly steps were as follows:

  1. Lay head piece centered first with the decreased rows at the top.

  2. Positioned mouth on about the 4th row of the head and hot glued

  3. Positioned the nose right in center of mouth/nose area and hot glued

  4. Positioned eyes above the nose/mouth area and glued.

  5. Positioned eyebrows above eyes and glued.

  6. Positioned flowers and leaves across forehead and glued.

  7. Positioned horns behind head between the 13th and 15th row and glued.

  8. Tucked ears behind horns pointed out to the sides and glued.

No you are ready to apply your applique to a bag, blanket, banner, sign, etc! If you want to make this into a piece that you an hang on a wall I recommend these inexpensive wooden signs that I found in the craft aisle in Walmart!

They had a variety of sizes available but I kind of liked how this one looked! You can go larger if you like! It has a nice farmhouse charm to it!

I hope you enjoyed this pattern and if you would like to get the paid ad-free PDF version you can get it in the Orchid and Bee's Ravelry shop or Etsy Shop!

As always feel free to join us in the Orchid and Bee's VIP group for opportunities to test new patterns, win prizes, and get advanced notice of new patterns! We also love it when you join us there and show off your Orchid and Bee's Projects and share your stories of how they blessed someone!

Have a great day!


Karen E.

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