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  • These baskets work for Easter as well as for home decor. They next very well. The Waffle Stitch and Crab stitch along with the double strand worsted #4 yarn make it very sturdy. They work up quickly! 
  • Large Basket
    • For the Large Basket, I used a double strand yarn with tight tension to make it more sturdy. The Large Basket is approx. 6 inches tall (not including the handle). The diameter is approx. 9 inches. The handle is approx. 22 inches long before sewing it into the inner sides of the basket. The handle will stand up without added support but still is able to collapse. You can add more support during the assembly process for both size baskets. More instructions and options can be found in the assembly steps. 
  • Small Basket
    • For the Small Basket, I used a single strand of yarn with a tight tension. It is approx. 4 inches tall (not including the handle) and the diameter is approx. 5 inches. The handle is approx. 12 inches long before being attached to the inner sides of the basket. 
  • Tester Gina B. said with an H5mm hook and double strand hers came out to 7 inches in diameter and 5 inches tall without the handle. Picture of yellow basket is from Regina.   
  • Reversible 
  • This basket is reversible. You can select the side you like best before you attach the handle. If you like both sides then you can make the handle removable by using buttons or safety pins so that you can switch the basket sides around as you desire. The basket works well as a decorative item for things on your dresser or bathroom countertop. This basket is not just for kids, it works great for adult home decor as well! 
  • Lining
  • If you would like to give your basket more structure and take its’ sturdiness to the next level, you can purchase some inexpensive plastic canvas mesh from your local craft store or Amazon. You can cut it to size and sew it, glue it, or even just place it in there leaving it removable. See assembly instructions for more details. 
  • Gauge 
  • The gauge is not critical but if you want it to be close to the exact listed sizes please see the gauge/swatch section for instructions.
  • Gauge / Swatch:  
  • Large Basket - 
  • Crochet Rounds 1 through 4 of the Large Basket (2 strands)
  • 4 Rounds = 4 inches approx. 
  • Small Basket - 
  • Crochet Rounds 1 through 3 of the small basket (one strand only)
  • 3 Rounds = 2 inches 
  • 1) Patterns are tested by the Orchid and Bee’s testing team, if you find an error that has slipped through the cracks please let me know and I’ll update the pattern for you
  • 2) Patterns include written instructions and photos/diagrams when needed. 
  • 3) Pattern includes stitch key, materials list, and pattern notes 
  • 4) The majority of my patterns use worsted 4 weight yarn with the exception a couple that use chunky or bernat, like the chunky scarf pattern
  • 5) Most patterns use a G4mm hook or H5mm hook with the exception of a couple that use chunky/bernat yarn like the chunky scarf
  • 6) Appliques vary in size and range between 6 x 6 to 10 x 10. Sizes can be adjusted by going up or down in hook size. Size information is on the pattern. Contact me if specifics are needed. 
  • 7) If you have any troubles with anything please contact me and I will be happy to assist as quickly as possible. Please allow me the chance to work out any issues before you leave a review. You can also ask for assistance in Facebook VIP group listed down below and myself or any of my testing team members will be happy to assist. 
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Leya's Baskets - PDF Pattern Crochet

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