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Eight Great Free Father's Day Crochet Patterns

Did Father's Day sneak up on you this year and now you are scrambling to come up with a gift? We all want our fathers to feel the love, so my hope is that this post will help you if you're in a panic and need to make something quickly.

Did you know Father's Day was not a national holiday until after Mother's Day? It is sad that men are not as sentimental as women so there was not quite the same enthusiasm surrounding its establishment.

If you are curious about the history of Father's Day, you can read more about it here. It doesn't quite have the same dramatic history as Mother's Day, but it's still an interesting read if you are into history.

Even though men are not as sentimental as women, it's still nice to do something for them to show them our love and appreciation. Here are eight great patterns to try out for that special father in your life!

Father's Day Gift #1

Is your dad a SUPER DAD? This is the perfect pattern for all those super dads! This would be fun to do, and you could get the kids involved by letting them draw a picture of their super dad to roll up inside the mug with some treats!

This pattern is by Ling Ryon of Hooked on Patterns. Click below to view the pattern and don't forget to subscribe while you are there!

Father's Day Gift #2

Does Dad need some coasters for his man cave? I think he will find these coasters the perfect addition to his decor haha! These would be great for tailgate parties as well, especially if you add his favorite team colors.

You could totally make a little gift basket set from the Dollar Tree, and throw these in there as a centerpiece. I think he will love this.

This pattern is by JO to the World Creations, and you can click below to view it:

Father's Day Gift #3

Is Dad starting to feel his age? This Ice Pack cover would be great in a gift basket with a little note to tease Dad about his age ha ha!

I've been to a few "Men's League" basketball games at the local rec center where they're trying to relive their glory days only to find themselves hobbling off the court with a pulled hammy.

Their 40+ year-old bodies are not nearly as forgiving as their 20-year-old bodies. They think they can do a few laps as a warm-up, and then jump on the court with no repercussions lol.

This pattern is by Regina P. Designs, and you can click below to view the pattern.

Father's Day Gift #4

Want to get Dad ready for winter? Here is a super neat 3-in-1 winter pattern for Dad! It works as a hat, cowl, or mask. I love multi-use patterns, and Alysha Littlejohn of Littlejohn's Yarn has written the perfect pattern that is multi-purpose.

This is also a great pattern for working in Dad's favorite team colors for those Fall/Winter sporting events.

Father's Day Gift #5

Does Dad need some fingerless gloves for the upcoming winter season? My husband works in the valet industry, and he is always trying to keep his hands warm while keeping his fingers freed up to write on guests' tickets. This pattern is great for these types of jobs.

I would make these in black to go with his uniform, but like the other patterns, you could totally turn these into some football fandom gloves by adding team colors and even an applique.

This pattern is by Carol Scott of Carol Anne Creates. Click below to view the pattern:

Father's Day Gift #6

Dad can always use a beer cozy or just a can cozy if he is not a beer drinker like my hubby. This pattern has a "knit look" to it, but it's really crochet.

Agat of Made by Gootie uses the waistcoat stitch to help give this design a knit look. If you have never tried that stitch, now is the perfect time. Click the link below to view the pattern:

Father's Day Gift #7

JO to the World Creations has another great pattern for Dad. This "I Heart Dad" can cozy would make a great gift that has special sentiment. You could even get the kids involved in making some artwork to go with this cozy in a gift basket.

I would make one of these in black and white for my husband as, for some strange reason, black is his favorite color. I keep trying to tell him black is not a color but rather the absence of color, but that's the art nerd in me ha ha! You'll never convince him otherwise lol.

Father's Day Gift #8

So, this next pattern I am going to share with you is not a "quick" project and might not be done in time for the actual holiday, but you could get your husband or dad involved in the project for Father's Day by letting him pick out the colors.

Then he'll have something to look forward to and you can send him progress photos along the way to make it special.

Richard Seymour of Seyhall Crochet Designs has this fabulous men's t-shirt pattern if you want to try your hand at a new top for the special father in your life. This is definitely on my to-do list to try for my hubby.

I hope this list gives you some great ideas for Father's Day gifts! If you tried any of these patterns out, I would love to know! Please tell me which pattern you made in the comment section.

I would love to see your photos too! It is so fun to see other people's work from around the world. Feel free to show of your work in the Orchid and Bee's VIP Facebook Group!

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Check out the plans here.

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to sharing more great patterns with you, and so that you never miss out on a free pattern, make sure you are subscribed!


Karen E.

Orchid and Bee's

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