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How to Crochet the Revised Rustic Charm Christmas Stocking

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

You may have visited this post in the past (probably in 2019 when I first wrote it) to create the Rustic Charm Stocking, and now you are visiting it again only to find that it has gotten a facelift!

I have been working slowly but surely through some of my patterns from 2019 (when I first learned how to crochet and write patterns), to do some "renovations" and give them all "facelifts" haha!

If you have never seen this crochet stocking pattern before, then welcome for the first time! You'll get all the benefits of the new and improved design and won't have to suffer through any of my rookie mistakes. lol

Here's a crazy fun fact about me: I started writing patterns before I learned how to read them! I do things backwards a lot ha ha! Everything happened so fast in 2019!

Somewhere around March 30th, 2019, I taught myself to crochet and by July I was itching to make my own designs. So I went for it. By figuring out how to write my patterns, I learned to read them. So not exactly the traditional route but, hey, it worked out haha!

And really, this is why I am so passionate about writing super simple, easy-to-read patterns. Because I was an EXTREME beginner myself, I love writing and designing for beginners, and that way any skill level is able to follow along. I try my best not to leave anyone behind!

So, now that I have a little more experience behind me (a whole whopping 2 1/2 years lol) and have developed my "pattern writing skills" a little more, I want to improve my "beginner" patterns so that they are even easier and clearer to read and follow.

Plus, I wanted to change a few design elements to improve the look of the finished project!

For the Rustic Charm Pattern specifically, I wanted to improve the cuff section and also add more details to the pattern such as yardage, gauge/swatch info, as well as provide better photos. I also realized there were some instructions that I could make a little more clear so it would work up easier, too.

I think that you will enjoy this pattern a lot more now with all the new additions. In the first photo below you will see the original design from 2019 and in the second photo you will see the upgraded look. It wasn't bad, but I really wanted to spoof it up a little!

As you can see the cuff is a little fuller looking in the newest version which I absolutely LOVE! It feels a little more "rustic" and "hearty" to me. It still gives me the farmhouse vibes which I also love.

It also works great for those who love all things "traditional." The cream color yarn with the "mossy" green gives me traditional vibes all day. It would look great with some of the traditional Santa decorations like these that I've seen on Amazon!

This would look AMAZING with a leather nametag! You could stamp names into the tags, write on them, or have someone personalize them for you.

Even the wooden tags would be great and add to the "Rustic Charm(ness)" lol! You could totally hand letter the names with some paint or pre-cut vinyl letters from the craft store.

Here are a few tag ideas from Amazon if your local stores do not carry these!


Note: This post contains affiliate links in which I may earn a small commission on for clicks and or purchases at no extra cost to you. This helps me provide the blog, website, and pattern free to you. Without your support, I could not provide these services and products! My family and I thank you!


The stocking is still "technically" reversible, and by that, I mean before you make the cuff you can choose which side of the "tube and foot" section you would like to be right side out.

In the original pattern, you can see the horizontal ribs are facing outward, and in the updated version you can see the vertical ribs on the outside.

These stockings look great in a variety of color combinations. As you can see below, testers Margie Leverette and Jessica Whisman chose some really fun colors for their stockings and each chose a different ribbing side for the tube and foot!

Jessica's stocking reminds me of where I was born and raised in Lexington Kentucky! Home of the Wildcats! Go Big Blue! Cats, Cats, Cats! ha ha

Margie's grey and red is so bold and rich. It's perfect for those that are looking for a masculine color combination. I think she mentioned that she made this one for the family dog, so it's not limited to just the two-legged family members!

Jessica and Margie both take orders for these stocking so if you don't have enough time and want someone to make them for you feel free to jump in the Orchid and Bee's VIP group and ask them!

Ok, so I bet you are ready to give this new and improved pattern a go. Here is how to crochet the Rustic Charm Stocking.

Crochet Pattern


  1. Yarn - worsted weight 4 in 2 colors.

    1. Approx. 220 - 300 yards for the main color *if you want your stocking thicker, use two strands and double the yards

    2. 50 - 100 yards for the cuff

    3. I used Loops and Threads Impeccable Yarn

  2. Needle

  3. Hook -

    1. J 6mm *if you want your stocking thicker/larger, use two strands and double the yards, and go up a hook size

    2. G 4mm for loop

  4. Stitch Marker

  5. Scissors


  • MR - Magic Ring

  • Ch(s) - chain(s)

  • Sc - single crochet

  • Sl st - slip stitch

  • Hdc - half double crochet

  • Dc - double crochet

  • BO - bobble stitch *see tutorial below

  • BPDC - back post double crochet

  • FPDC - front post double crochet

  • * * - repeat instructions between asterisks

  • Sp - space

  • St(s) - stitch(es)

  • #st - complete # number of sts in same space

  • St # - complete stitch in next # number of spaces

  • ( ) - do all in the same stitch

Special Stitches:

Bobble Stitch (BO)- for this pattern, you will join 6 double crochets into 1 puffy-looking stitch. In most cases, you will typically use a sc stitch on each side of the bobble stitch to make them pop out. In this pattern, however, we will be using dc stitches in between the bobbles to give them a subtle elongated look. On the next Round, a BPDC stitch will be worked behind the bobble to make it pop out. To achieve the Bobble Stitch, you will *yarn over, go through st, yarn over and pull through 2 loops*, do not finish st, repeat 5 more times. You will have 7 loops (6 half-finished double crochet stitches) on your hook. Yarn over and pull through all 7 loops. Do not chain to close bobble, immediately start the next st in the pattern. For more info on this stitch see the photo tutorial and Yarnspirations definition below:

Skill level/Language - Confident Beginner/ Intermediate. If you are unsure of any stitches, Youtube is a great resource! The pattern is written in American Standard Terms.

Pattern Info - The stocking pictured is approximately 18 inches. To make your stocking smaller, you can go down in hook size and/or reduce the number of rows on the foot and/or the top tube area above the heel. If you want it larger and/or longer, you can increase the rows on the foot and/or the top tube area above the heel. Feel free to customize your cuff! For a thicker stocking, you can use 2 strands of yarn.

Gauge/Swatch - Swatch and Gauge is found by working Rounds 1 - 13 of the “Stocking Foot” section. After the last stitch of Round 13, lay the piece flat, it should be approximately 6 inches wide by approximately 6 inches tall. If yours is smaller you can go up a hook size, if it is larger you can go down a hook size. If you like the size just continue and do not worry about the gauge. I use a semi-loose tension for my stockings so if you crochet with a tight tension you may need a larger hook or to slightly loosen up your tension. Also, note that not all #4 weight yarns work up the same and you may need to make adjustments based on your yarn. For example, Loops and Threads Impeccable Yarn works up more tightly than Mainstay’s Yarn from Walmart. Mainstay Yarn was approximately ½ inch wider when I used it for the stocking.

Pattern Instructions

Note: Turning chs do not count as a stitch

Note: This pattern uses a beginning ch 2 before DC sts, you can ch 3 if preferred

Stocking Foot: Choice of color

  • Begin: MR, ch 2

  • Round 1: Dc 12 in MR, pull tight to close, sl st to join, ch 2. (12st)

  • Round 2: 2Dc in each st around, sl st to join, ch 2. (24st)

  • Round 3: *Dc, 2dc*, repeat *to* around, sl st to join, ch 2. (36st)

  • Round 4: Dc in each st, sl st to join, ch 2. (36st)

Note: If your stitches are not facing right side out already and have created a bowl shape, like in the first photo below, flip your work right side out so that it matches the third photo.

  • Round 5 *FPDC 2, dc 2*, repeat *to* 8 eight more times, sl st to join, ch 2. (36st)

  • Round 6 - 13: *FPDC 2, dc 2*, repeat *to* eight more times around, sl st to join, ch 1. (36st)


  • Row 1: Sc 18, ch 1. (18st) *leave remaining stitches unworked at this time, place st marker after the last st of Row 1 of heel

  • Row 2 - 8: Turn, sc 18, ch 1. (18st)

  • Row 9: Turn, sc 18, proceed to heel closure options. Select a closure option before continuing to the tube top section

To Close heel:

  • Option 1 - Bring the two ends together and sl st across as pictured to close the heel. Fasten off.

  • Option 2 - Fasten off after last st leaving a long tail to sew heel together.

Stocking Tube/Top:

  • Begin: Join new yarn at the stitch marker placed after the last st of Row 1 in the Heel section, ch 1.

  • Round 1: Sc 18 in the unworked stitches after Row 1 of Heel was made, (top of the foot), sc 9 in one side of the heel, sc 9 in the other side of the heel, sl st to join, ch 1. (36st)

  • Round 2: Hdc 36, sl st to join, ch 2. (36st)

  • Round 3: Dc 36, sl st to join, ch 2. (36st)

Note: to make stocking shorter or longer add or subtract Rounds after Round 25

  • Round 4 -25 : *FPDC 2, dc 2*, repeat *to* eight more times around, sl st to join, ch 2, *fasten off after last st of Round 25. (36st)

Stocking Cuff: choice of color

Note: Before starting the cuff, decide which side of the stocking you want facing out. Examples below of how each side looks facing out. The one on the left (submitted by pattern tester, Bekki Fekete) shows the horizontal ribs facing outward. The stocking on the right shows the vertical ribs facing outward.

Note: Bekki's stocking also shows how it looks if you choose to omit rows for a shorter look

Note: Cuff is made inside out, you will fold it down after Round 8

  • Begin: Join to any st, ch 1.

  • Round 1: Sc 36, sl st to join, ch 1. (36st)

  • Round 2: Sc 36, sl st to join, ch 2. (36st)

  • Round 3: Dc 36, sl st to join, ch 2. (36st)

Note: Bobbles will be facing towards the inside of the stocking in the next three rounds, the cuff will be folded down at the end so they will be facing right side out.

  • Round 4: *Dc 2, BO*, repeat *to* eleven more times, sl st to join, ch 2. (36st) *see tutorial on page 7 for assistance.

  • Round 5: *Dc, BO, BPDC behind BO,*, repeat *to* eleven more times, sl st to join, ch 2, see photo for reference on doing BPDC behind BO. (36st)

  • Round 6: *BO, BPDC behind BO, dc*, repeat *to* eleven more times, sl st to join, ch 1. (36st)

  • Round 7: Hdc 36, sl st to join, ch 1. (36st)

  • Round 8: Sl st 36, sl st to join, fasten off, weave in ends. (36st)

Finish: Fold cuff down.

Tip: Tug/stretch out the bottom of the cuff a little, sometimes the sl st can cause it to be a little tighter and a little stretch will help its’ shape.

Stocking Loop: G 4mm - choice of color

  • Begin: Ch 31

  • Row 1: Hdc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc 29, ch 1. (30st)

  • Row 2: Turn, hdc 30, fasten off. Use tails to attach to the inside edge of stocking on the heel side. (30st)

Embellishing / Personalizing:

Add your favorite applique or add an initial (or name) by making a chain and laying your letter out. Sew or glue the letter on like an applique.


Note: Late Pattern Tester, Jean Hart - may she rest in peace, submitted the following recommendation for lining the stocking, in 2019, if desired:

  • Lining stocking: Trace around stocking from cuff down. Add 1/2 inch at top. Use traced pattern, cut 2 pieces (fabric of choice) adding 1/4" for a seam allowance. Place pieces right side together and stitch around outside of stocking, make sure to leave the top open. Fold the extra 1/2" at the top of the stocking to the outside. Insert into crocheted stocking. Your wrong sides and stitching should be next to your crocheted stocking with right side of insert towards the inside. Blind stitch to stocking around the top, securing the lining to the stocking.

And there you have it! The Rustic Charm Stocking is complete and ready for any final touches you would like to add!

I would 100% LOVE to see how you use these in your Christmas home decor this year. So if you snap any photos, please please please share them in the comments of this post or in the Facebook VIP group!

I love seeing how everyone decorates for the holidays and it would be so fun to get to tour the world virtually to see these in your homes. Who knows, maybe I'll even choose a favorite photo and give you a surprise FREEBIE!

Even if you don't share a photo, I truly hope you enjoyed this pattern!

If you love this pattern so much that you would like to have a copy of the ad-free downloadable/printable version, you can purchase it here. If you prefer Etsy or Ravelry, I have it available through those sites as well!

I will have this pattern on Sale through November 7th for 50% off in my shop! Cick here to grab it!

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Thank you again for stopping by Orchid and Bee's, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season! I pray many blessings find you and your family this year!


Karen E.

Orchid and Bee's

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