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  • This heart pattern will help you make those perfect points at the bottom of your hearts like we use to draw when we were little girls in school passing notes to one another! Every pattern I found created a rounded bottomed look on the heart and I went to work to create my own pattern to give me that perfect little point at the bottom! These work up to be about 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches. 
  • (2nd photo pictured is by Pattern Tester Vannessa Strum)
  • (3rd photo pictured in listing is by Tanya Person - she made two hearts and turned hers into a keychain) 
  • All patterns are tested in my "Orchid and Bee's VIPs - Crochet Group" on facebook before publishing but we are human and sometimes an error slips through the cracks. If you find one let me know and I will be happy to correct it and send you an update! 
  • If you sell crochet and use "Orchid and Bee's" Patterns please share the love and give us a shout out! Its always good to give credit where credit is due and we can continue to help each other! Thanks!
  • Also if you enjoy getting free patterns or would like to test new patterns feel free to join our VIP group on facebook! 
  • If you enjoy this pattern please tell others where you got it! Thanks! 
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Perfectly Pointy Hearts - Applique Crochet Pattern PDF

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