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  • This is a wonderful item for senior citizens or anyone who has to use a walker but needs a way to carry items with them. This is a perfect gift for the holidays as well! It is fast and easy to make with worsted 4 weight yarn and a h5mm hook.
  • Size: 
  • ~Approx. 15 inches wide and approx. 14 inches tall before being folded over top
  • ~Pockets are approx. 6 inches deep 
  • ~This pattern will make a pocket for a walker to hold lightweight items, such as tissues, reading glasses, or a small book. In order for it to be stronger to hold heavier items, I would recommend sewing a piece of fabric to the back sides of each panel and the straps or try using two strands of yarn. 
  • ~Because every walker is different you may need to make your straps longer or try a different method for attaching the pocket to the walker such as using tie strings that you could tie and knot when attaching.
  • ~If you need your pocket wider/slimmer you can simply increase or decrease the beginning chain on the Main Panel and Pocket Panel sections. To make it taller/shorter you can increase or decrease the rows as needed on both the Main Panel and Pocket Panel sections as well. 
  • ~This pattern is written in a way that you can easily customize your pocket to fit the particular walker you are making it for. Every piece is made separately so that you can customize it to meet your needs. For example, you may need more or less straps. Therefore they are made completely separate so that you can make as many as you would like and attach them where needed. 
  • ~The walker pocket that I made fits a walker that is 19 inches wide. I folded over the top four inches of my walker pocket in order to fasten it. This leaves roughly 9 to 10 inches in the front. The pockets are approximately 6 inches deep. 
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Walker Pocket Pattern - Hanging Bag - Tote - Pattern- PDF

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