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  • This beautiful beanie works up so wonderfully and once you get the rhythm it goes quick! This beanie also works wonderfully as a chemo cap or as I call it a “comfort cap.” <3
  • This pattern is for the beanie/chemo cap only, scarf is a separate pattern. Beanie is approx. 7 ½ inches in length (top to bottom) and approx. 20 inches in circumference. This is an adult female size. Rows 1 - 7 is the crown and measures approx. 7in x 7in. You may need to go up a hook size and/or use a looser tension if your crown is smaller than 7 x 7.
  • You can test your gauge by testing the crown section as listed below to try to achieve a 7-inch circumference:
  • With 5mm Hook -
  • Begin: MR
  • Round 1: Ch 3, dc 11 into ring, pull tight to close, sl st to join. (12st)
  • Round 2: Ch 3, dc in same sp as ch, 2dc in each st around, sl st to join. (24st)
  • Round 3: Ch 3, 2dc in next st, dc, 2dc around, sl st to join. (36st)
  • Round 4: Ch 3, dc, 2dc, dc 2, 2dc around, sl st to join. (48st)
  • Round 5: Ch 3, dc 2, 2dc, dc 3, 2dc around, sl st to join. (60st)
  • Round 6: Ch 1, hdc 3, 2hdc, hdc 4, 2hdc around, sl st to join. (72st)
  • All patterns are tested in my “Orchid and Bee’s VIPs - Crochet Testing Team” on Facebook before publishing but we are human and sometimes an error slips through the cracks. If you find one let me know and I will be happy to correct it and send you an update!
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Winter Trellis Beanie - Applique Pattern- PDF

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