How to Crochet the North Star Blanket

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

How to crochet North Star Blanket

Have you been looking for a fresh new one-of-a-kind blanket design to crochet? I have noticed, that in a lot of the crochet groups, people have been asking for new ideas for baby blankets. They want it to be a quick, fun and unique design!

I think this just might be the answer that so many are looking for! It is definitely a fun, fast and easy pattern to work up and it has a unique, never before seen look to it!

The testers of this pattern definitely agreed and said it was a fast and easy pattern to work up! I know, as a designer, I finished this blanket in only 4 days!

Testers averaged a completion time between 16 and 20 hours! So, not too shabby for a blanket that averages in size from 30 to 44 inches depending on your yarn, technique, hook and what row you decide to end on!

It's noteworthy to say, that because the stitches change so often, you definitely do not get bored making this blanket! I hate being bored and I get bored quite easily! I will quit projects without hesitation (ha ha) but I zoomed through this pattern twice without getting bored once!

Even as a designer, if I find myself getting bored with a pattern I have designed, it usually doesn't get published; ha ha ha! Believe me, I have a drawer full of patterns I got bored with and didn't finish; lol! I am happy to report that no testers said they were bored with this pattern either!

Speaking of testers, just check out some of the amazing photos that were taken by the Orchid and Bee's VIP's Pattern Testers! Didn't they do a great job! They came out absolutely gorgeous!

I am in love with this Loops and Threads Impeccable Red Hot Blanket done by Julie Lee! It’s so vibrant and bold! Her young sons actually picked out this color and now she is working on one to make for them that will look like the Captain America Shield!

crochet blanket, north star, baby blanket, lap blanket

This blanket design works really well with solid colors and when the light hits it just right, you can't help but stare at it;ha ha! It is such a conversation piece! It's just so pretty!

We did find that variegated yarn does not work as well with this design as it makes the stitches disappear! So, I would not recommend trying that; lol.

In the next photo, by Margie Leverette, she added a scalloped border to hers! It has a nice rustic farmhouse charm to it doesn't it!

Tester Jessica W. found that while variegated yarns might not work as well with this pattern, ombre' certainly does work nicely. It highlights and shows off the unique stitches in each row.

If you still find yourself wanting a little more color in your North Star Blanket, Orchid and Bee's VIP pattern tester S.B. did a super fun version of the pattern by changing the colors for each section of stitches! Doesn't this remind you of the inside of the giant jawbreakers we had when we were kids; ha ha! I love this so much!

So, how did I come up with this blanket! It was sort of an accident ha ha! I started off playing with my stitches and loved how the bobble stitch looked like a star in the center and then it reminded me of something...

The North Star, which is also known as Polaris. It is said that the North Star is the only star that seems to remain still and motionless in the sky. Many ancient people used the North Star for navigation. For centuries, it has been a useful star for direction and it is also the brightest in the sky.

Gee golly wiz lol, I was just so fascinated by this and decided to go for the gusto to design it with the influence of the North Star!

When photographers leave their camera lens open for long exposure times, all the stars seem to move in trails around the North Star and that is exactly how my stitches were inspired!

In an article by, Ken Christison, captured these glorious star trails around Polaris, the North Star. Isn't it neat! If, by chance, you are a little bit of a secret nerd like me and want to read more about the North Star here are a few links where you can find out more!

If you haven't figured it out by now,the center of this blanket represents the North Star while the clusters, camel stitch and ribs represent the star trails that move around this central star.

This blanket is very mesmerizing and captivating. It seems to have a way of speaking to you and making you feel like everything is okay. Something about it just makes you feel calm and at ease and I pray that all those who rest up under it feel this same way!

My 5 yr old, Cataleya, absolutely loves and adores this blanket and I find her under it during movie time on the couch quite often! I love having it on me as well when I am sitting at the computer and even when I am watching a movie with the hubby!

I hope you enjoy this blanket pattern and that it becomes a blessing and an inspiration to all those that you make it for! I believe there is a special purpose, plan and destiny for every person on this earth and I hope this North Star blanket speaks to the destiny in each person who receives it!

I think you will find yourself falling in love with this pattern like members of the Orchid and Bee's VIP Pattern Testers group have and will want to have a hard copy on hand! When you do, you can find the ad-free PDF version in both my Ravelry and Etsy Shop!

In the meantime,here is the Free with- Ad version of the pattern! Enjoy!

“North Star Blanket”

Crochet Pattern


  • Color of choice in a worsted weight #4 -Yarn used by Orchid and Bee's Designer (Red Heart Super Saver #4 weight - Dusty Grey, 364 yds/7oz/198g/333m per skein, approximately 3 and 1/4th skeins, No dye lot)

  • Hook - H or 5mm

  • Needle

  • Stitch Markers *optional, use as needed

  • Scissors

Special Info:

  • Project size ranges 30 to 44 inches based on your yarn of choice, crochet technique, hook, tension and which row you decide to end on, , etc. It is a blanket that is flexible and can be crocheted with any technique as well as lighter weight yarns like DK weight, sport, etc.

  • The fun thing about this blanket is you can stop at any row desired to achieve the size that tickles your fancy! The picture at the beginning of this post by Orchid and Bee’s shows it at about 38 inches.

  • Testers sizes ranged between 30 inches and 44 inches based on which row they chose to end at for their border. Some liked a thinner border and ended on a round like the simple hdc, while some liked ending on a round that gave it a thicker more textured border like the round that you use the fpdc/bpdc for 3 rounds to give it a ribbed look.

  • Testers tried various yarns and weights and you can see all of their notes in the PDF pattern in the Ravelry and Etsy Shop

  • Approx. project time was between 16 & 20 hrs (I completed it in 4 days but forgot to track my hours, but I crochet pretty quickly) *testers notes and their times can be found in the paid PDF version

  • Gauge - not needed, project is designed to work with any crochet tension/technique - I did use a slightly loose tension

  • Currently, this pattern only comes in the baby/lap blanket size, I am working on making larger options and will send out new files when ready and will update the blog to add larger sizing info.

  • My finished blanket weight approx. 560 to 600 grams


  • Ch - chain

  • MR - magic ring

  • Sc - single crochet

  • Sl st - slip stitch

  • Hdc - half double crochet

  • Dc - double crochet

  • FPDC - front post double crochet

  • BPDC - back post double crochet

  • BO - bobble stitch

  • * * - repeat *to* around

  • #st - complete # number of sts in same space

  • St # - complete stitch in next # number of spaces

Special Stitches

Camel Stitch - for this pattern, work a half double crochet st into the 3rd loop which is located on the back side, also known as the wrong side. For a video tutorial, I recommend following the one on Yarnspirations website:

Bobble Stitch (BO)- for this pattern, you will join 6 double crochets into 1 puffy looking stitch. The sc stitches which surround it will make it pop out more. To achieve the Bobble Stitch, you will *yarn over, go through st, yarn over and pull through 2 loops*, do not finish st, repeat 5 more times, you will have 7 loops (6 half-finished double crochet stitches) on your hook, yarn over and pull through all 7 loops, do not chain to close cluster, immediately start the next st in the pattern. For more info on this stitch, see the photo tutorial and Yarnspirations definition here:

Skill Level / Language - Beginner-Advanced/Intermediate. American Standard Terms are used throughout the pattern.

Thank you - I appreciate your business and your support means so much to me! If you need anything, please reach out to me and I will be happy to help! You can find “Orchid & Bee’s” on Facebook. Also feel free to join the VIP group for early access to patterns, participate in contests, CAL's, and giveaways as well as receive free exclusive patterns!

Pattern Instructions

*beginning chains do not count as a st

*first st of each round is worked in same space as ch (including rounds that begin with an increase)

*the right side/working side will always be facing you as you work, if your bobbles do not pop out towards you on the working side/right side, simply push the stubborn ones through to the right side with your finger

*in this pattern, there is a ch 1 before the hdc rounds, you can do a ch 2 if you prefer

Begin: Color of Choice MR

Round 1: 10 Hdc in MR, sl st to join, ch 1. (10st)

Round 2: 2 Hdc in each st around, sl st to join, ch 3. (20st)

Round 3: *Dc, 2dc*, repeat around, sl st to join, ch 1. (30st)

Note: see special stitch info above for bobble st in next round and all other bobble stitch rounds

Round 4: *Sc 5, BO*, repeat 4 more times, sl st to join, ch 3. (30st)

Round 5: *Dc 2, 2dc*, repeat 9 more times, sl st to join, ch 3. (40st)

Round 6: Dc 40, sl st to join, ch 1. (40st)

Round 7: 2Hdc in each st around, sl st to join, ch 1. (80st)

Note: The camel st in the next round and all other camel st rounds will be done with hdc

Round 8: Camel st in each st around, sl st to join, ch 3. (80st)

Round 9: 2Dc, dc, 2dc, dc, 2dc, *dc 3, 2dc*, repeat 17 more times, dc, 2dc, dc, sl st to join, ch 3. (102st)

Round 10: *FPDC 2, BPDC 2*, repeat around, FPDC last 2 sts, sl st to join, ch 3. (102st)

Round 11: Repeat round 10, sl st to join, ch 1. (102st)

Round 12: Hdc 102, sl st to join, ch 3. (102st)

Round 13: Dc 102, sl st to join, ch 3. (102st)

Round 14: *Dc, 2dc*, sl st to join, ch 1. (153st)

Round 15: *Sc 2, BO*, repeat around, sl st to join, ch 1. (153st)

Round 16: Hdc 153, sl st to join, ch 3. (153st)

Round 17: Dc 153, sl st to join, ch 1. (153st)

Round 18: *Hdc 2, 2hdc*, repeat around, sl st to join, ch 1. (204st)

Round 19: Camel st in each st around, sl st to join, ch 3. (204st)

Round 20: Dc 204, sl st to join, ch 3. (204st)

Round 21: *FPDC 2, BPDC 2*, repeat around, sl st to join, ch 3. (204st)

Round 22: Repeat round 21, sl st to join, and then ch 1. (204st)

Round 23: Hdc 204, sl st to join, ch 1. (204st)

Round 24: Repeat round 23, sl st to join, ch 3. (204st)

Round 25: *Dc 3, 2dc*, repeat around, sl st to join, ch 1. (255st)

Round 26: *Sc 4, BO*, repeat around, sl st to join, ch 1. (255st)

Round 27: Hdc 255, sl st to join, ch 3. (255st)

Round 28: Dc 255, sl st to join, ch 1. (255st)

Round 29: Hdc 255, sl st to join, ch 1. (255st)

Round 30: Camel st in each st around, sl st to join, ch 3. (255st)

Round 31: *Dc 4, 2dc*, repeat around, sl st to join, ch 3. (306st)

Round 32: *FPDC 2, BPDC 2*, repeat around, FPDC in the last 2 sts, sl st to join, ch 3. (306st)

Round 33: Repeat round 32, sl st to join, ch 1. (306st)

Round 34: Hdc 306, sl st to join, ch 1. (306st)

Round 35: Repeat round 34, sl st to join and then ch 3. (306st)

Round 36: *Dc 5, 2dc*, repeat around, ch 1. (357st)

Round 37: *Sc 2, BO*, repeat around, sl st to join, ch 1. (357st)

Round 38: Hdc 357, sl st to join, ch 3. (357st)

Round 39: Dc 357, sl st to join, ch 1. (357st)

Round 40: Hdc 357, sl st to join, ch 1. (357st)

Round 41: Camel st in each st around, sl st to join, ch 3. (357st)

Round 42: *Dc 2, 2dc*, repeat around, sl st to join, ch 3. (476st)

Round 43: *FPDC 2, BPDC 2*, repeat around, sl st to join, ch 3. (476st)

Round 44: Repeat round 43, sl st to join, ch 1. (476st)

Round 45: Hdc 476, sl st to join, fasten off, weave in ends. (476st)

Note: If you would like to add a fancier touch to your Border you can add a round of Crab Stitches or other st of choice.

And Ta-Da! you are all done!!! I hope you had as much fun making it and falling in love with it as myself and so many others have!

Just remember, if you find yourself wanting a copy of the ad-free PDF version, that also has additional photos and testers notes, you can find it in both my Ravelry and Etsy Shop!

And, I have a special treat for those reading this post that wanting a copy of the PDF!

For all blog follower fans, you can get the pattern for 25% off through March 1st, 2020! Use the code "BLOGFANS" on both Ravelry and Etsy to get the North Star Blanket at this special discounted price just for you!

I am so glad you tried out this pattern and I hope that you will visit us in the Orchid and Bee's VIP group to show off your blankets and share your stories! Also, if you never want to miss out on great patterns like this in my Blog, be sure to subscribe by visiting the homepage, By clicking subscribe, you will get a notification when a new pattern has been added!

Before I let you go, I just wanted to also share with you that on February 17th - 22nd (2020) we will be doing a FREE Mystery CAL (crochet along) in the Orchid and Bee's VIP group!

Once you reach our group go to the events tab to join us and to see the schedule!

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Doesn't this sound like fun?! It does to me! I am already having so much fun dropping clues each day leading up to the start of the CAL and the members are having a blast trying to figure out what it could be and making unlimited guesses to try and win the "surprise prize".

We hope to see you there! Well, I am sure I talked your ears off enough and I need to let you go! So that's all I have for you today folks! Thanks again for visiting Orchid and Bee's and have a blessed day!

Blessings to you,

Karen E.

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