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How to crochet the Winter Trellis Beanie

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Are you looking for a new and unique beanie pattern this fall and winter like I was? If so, then I think you will enjoy this new beanie crochet pattern that I designed using the Marshmallow Shell Stitch! This beanie fits similarly to a cloche hat and works up surprisingly quick once you get the hang of its rhythm!

The Marshmallow Shell Stitch is my new favorite stitch that I have learned and incorporated into a pattern! Isn't it pretty! I love learning new stitches! If you have never used this stitch before I promise I have written this pattern in a very user-friendly way and broken it down into very small pieces to make it as easy as possible!

My testers had a great time working on both the scarf and the hat, which both use the Marshmallow Shell Stitch, and said that this was an easy pattern to follow that worked up quickly once they got the rhythm down.

The interesting thing about this beanie is that it works up very differently based on your tension and the type of yarn that you use and may require a little tweaking to get the gauge just right.

For instance, below I used the Red Heart Super Saver Metallic which was a softer "looser" yarn compared to the Loops and Threads that is used in the main picture above in this post, and I had to go down a hook size for the last row to get the shape and size that I needed for the brim.

Each tester found the same to be true with using different types of yarn and a couple had to go up a hook size while others had to go down a hook size. Once you get to the pattern instructions you can figure your gauge out by doing the first 6 to 7 rounds, which is the crown section, and then measuring the circumference.

Here are a few of the notes from a couple of the testers and their photos:

Tester Alma Harper had to go up a hook size because her tension was tighter than mine and her first one came out too small. After she adjusted and used an I 5.25mm hook hers came out perfectly! She used Red Heart Super Saver Petal Pink.

Tester Margie Leverette found her tension to be similar to mine and was able to stay with the G 5mm hook as written in the pattern and added a few extra rounds of single crochet to the brim before the last round to give it a little more length.

Tester Tammy Oneal wanted to try making a newborn size. She was easily able to do so by using baby weight yarn and a 3.25mm hook. She was able to follow the pattern exactly as written to achieve this precious newborn hat!

Of the 10 testers who crocheted this pattern, they all said it took them approximately 2 to 2.5 hours to complete. For myself now that I have the pattern memorized this pattern goes super fast and I can get it completed in about 1 to 1.5hrs.

One of the really neat things about this pattern is that it also makes a beautiful chemo cap or "comfort cap" as I prefer to call it. A sweet family friend of ours sent us a picture of her wearing the hat in the Red Heart Super Saver Metallic.

Her name is Wendy and she appreciates all your prayers and healing thoughts that you can send her way. Isn't she beautiful!

You can't really see it in this photo but I added a little flower as an accent piece! You could also add a ribbon, broach, or pin to dress this beanie up a little more! Here are a couple of photos that show the flower a little better.

So I bet you are ready to get started on this pattern! Here is the pattern instructions and info! If you find that you really love this pattern and would like a downloadable pdf ad-free copy that you can print off you can grab this pattern from my Etsy or Ravelry Shop! The scarf pattern that matches to make a set can also be found there as well!

“Winter Trellis Beanie”

Crochet Pattern


  1. Yarn: Worsted Weight 4

    • This pattern used less than one skein of Loops & Threads Impeccable - Soft Rose - 227yds - 4.5oz

  2. Hook - H 5mm

  3. Scissors

  4. Needle - to weave in ends


Sc - single crochet

Hdc - half double crochet

Dc - Double crochet

Ch - chain

Sl st - slip stitch

Sk - skip a stitch

( ) - do all in same st

St # - do stitch in the next number of stitches

* * - repeat *to*

Fpdc - front post double crochet

Fpdc2tog - front post double crochet two stitches together

Fan - (3dc, ch 1, 3dc)

V - (dc, ch 2, dc)

CS - Camel Stitch - hdc in 3rd loop*

RSC - reverse single crochet/crab stitch**

Special Stitch Info

*Camel Stitch - for this pattern, work a half double crochet st into the 3rd loop which is located on the backside, also known as the wrong side. For a video tutorial, I recommend following the one on Yarnspirations website:

**Reverse Single Crochet Stitch / Crab Stitch - “The crab stitch (a.k.a. reverse single crochet) is literally the single crochet stitch done in reverse. Instead of working as you normally would (right to left) you are working left to right. For right-handed crocheters, that is.” - Ashlea Konecny of Heart Hook Home. For further assistance, you can read and watch Ashleas written and video tutorial on her website:

Marshmallow Shell Stitch - Rows 8 - 12 will give you this stitch design. Below is a photo grid to help with the stitch. The pattern will give instructions to reference each photo where it may be needed.

Pattern Info/Gauge:

This pattern is for the beanie/chemo cap only, the scarf is a separate pattern. Beanie is approx. 7 ½ inches in length (top to bottom) and approx. 20 inches in circumference. This is an adult female size. Rows 1 - 7 is the crown and measures approx. 7in x 7in. To get your gauge, complete the crown (rows 1 - 7) and then measure the circumference. You may need to go up a hook size and/or use a looser tension if your crown is smaller than 7 x 7 or go down a hook size if you have looser tension and your crown is larger than 7 x 7.

Skill Level / Language:

Advance Beginner/Intermediate. American Standard Terms.

Thank you: I appreciate your support and business! If you need anything please reach out to me! You can email me at or contact me via Facebook: Orchid & Bee’s." I also have a VIP group where you can join us for contests, giveaways, freebies, CAL's and more!

Pattern Instructions

*Use boxes in photo grid in special stitch section for assistance with this pattern

*Beginning ch’s count as a stitch unless otherwise noted

*Round 1 will be beginning the crown of the beanie


  • Begin: MR

  • Round 1: Ch 3, dc 11 into ring, pull tight to close, sl st to join. (12st)

  • Round 2: Ch 3, dc in same sp as ch, 2dc in each st around, sl st to join. (24st)

  • Round 3: Ch 3, 2dc in next st, *dc, 2dc* around, sl st to join. (36st)

  • Round 4: Ch 3, dc, 2dc, *dc 2, 2dc* around, sl st to join. (48st)

  • Round 5: Ch 3, dc 2, 2dc, *dc 3, 2dc* around, sl st to join. (60st)

  • Round 6: Ch 1, hdc 3, 2hdc, *hdc 4, 2hdc* around, sl st to join. (72st)

Note: The rib that is formed by Round 7 is the right side out of the hat, continue all rounds working from the right side out

  • Round 7: Ch 1, CS around, sl st to join. (72st) *see special stitches for help

Note: Crown section of beanie complete, beginning sides now. The crown will measure approx. 7 in x 7 in, if not you can go up a hook size and use a slightly looser tension to achieve this “gauge.”

  • Round 8: Ch 5, dc in same sp as ch (see photo below), sk 3, *(dc, ch 2, dc) all in the same stitch, sk 3*, repeat around, sl st to join in 3rd ch of beginning ch 5 (see photo below). (18 V’s, see stitch key) or (see Box A in photo grid in the special stitches section)

The photo below shows the (beginning ch 5, dc in same ch space).

The photo below shows the sl st to join to 3rd ch of ch 5.

  • Round 9: (Ch 3, 2dc, ch 1, 3dc) (see photos below) in ch 5 space, fpdc2tog, *(3dc, ch 1, 3dc) all in the ch 2 sp (see Box C in photo grid in the special stitches section), fpdc2tog (see Box E in photo grid in the special stitches section)*, repeat around, sl st to join in ch 3. The last fpdc2tog will use the ch 5 from the prior round (see photos below). (18 Fans, see stitch key for assistance) or (see Box D in photo grid)

The photo to right shows ch 3, dc 2, ch 1, dc 3 in ch 2 space of V.

The photos below show the last 3dc, ch 1, 3dc of the last fan finished and now the last dc of V from prior round and the beginning ch 5 of the prior round being used to finish the fan.

  • Round 10: Sl st 3 (this will get you to the ch 1 space of the fan as seen in photo below) (Ch 5, dc) all in ch 1 sp, *(dc, ch 2, dc) in ch 1 space of each fan around, (see Box H & I in photo grid)*, sl st to join to 3rd ch of beginning ch 5. (18 V’s, see stitch key for assistance) or (see Box A in photo grid)

  • Round 11&12: Repeat Row 9 & 10

  • Round 13: Ch 1, hdc 71, sl st to join. (2 of your stitches will be in the ch 2 space and 1 in each dc from round 10) (72st)

Note: If you want the brim a little more snug you can go down a hook size for rounds 14 - 16. I've done it both ways and favor the smaller hook size for a tighter brim myself. “Softer/looser” yarns tend to require going down a hook size so the brim is not too loose. Red Heart Super saver metallic as pictured to the right was a softer yarn that required a smaller hook size to finish.

  • Round 14: Ch 1, CS around, sl st to join. (72st)

  • Round 15 & 16: Ch 1, sc 71, sl st to join, (72st)

Note: if you need your hat longer you can add additional rows of sc before doing the last round, if you need it shorter you can omit a row

  • Round 17: RSC around, sl st to join, fasten off, weave in ends. (72st) *see special stitches for help (Your final hat will fit similarly to a cloche style hat from the 20’s)

And just like that you have completed your "Winter Trellis Beanie!" If you want to try the scarf you can grab the pattern in the Etsy or Ravelry shop for 20% off now through August 31st, 2020!

I hope you enjoyed making this pattern as much as did! Appliques are my favorite thing to design and I absolutely love seeing how you use them so please show off your photos in the Orchid and Bee's VIP Facebook group where we do contests and giveaways!

You can also use the comment section of this post to share your creations and share your stories of who you blessed with this creation! I absolutely love hearing all your stories!

To subscribe to the blog you can do so by visiting the Home page and clicking the Subscribe button so you never miss out on any Free patterns! I will also make shop announcements via the blog and a quarterly newsletter as well!

Speaking of shop announcements I just added some really amazing items to the Etsy shop that you will have to stop by and check out! If you live in a state where a mask is required like I do then you will love these "Surviving 2020 by hooking" masks that I design and make!

I also had a creative idea to help keep track of rows while staying hydrated! Who doesn't need to drink more water ha ha! I can personalize these with your name or a small phrase!

And last but not least the holidays are right around the corner and you will have to go check out my new stitch markers for the fall and winter! I have recently redesigned these so that the lobster clasps will hang from the top instead of the back and this helps the stitch markers to hang better on projects! I think you will really love the new way they are assembled!

Thank you again for visiting Orchid and Bee's and I appreciate you so much! I look forward to seeing you next time for another great free pattern! Don't forget that if you would like a downloadable pdf ad-free pattern that you can print off you can grab this pattern from my Etsy or Ravelry Shop! You can also grab a set of stitch markers and water bottle while you're there too! Well, that is all for now! I pray this brings a little joy to your 2020 Fall and Winter Season! I know its been a tough year but keep your heads up and stay positive! Love you all! Thanks again for stopping by!

You guys have a wonderful day! Take care, stay safe, and be well!

Blessings to each of you,

Karen E.

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