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St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt and Prizes!

Do you love to win prizes? Who doesn't! Today I want to have a little fun with all my followers and have decided to host a St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt with prize opportunities!

In my best Irish accent (ha ha) "a dote little leprechaun" has gotten loose on the Orchid and Bee's Website and bombed it with all kinds of St. Patrick's Day images from the world wide web! He even got ahold of some yarn and hook images and hid those on the website too!

I need your help to find them all so I can get my website back to normal by the weekend! It seems he has hidden "multiples" of the following items on Orchid and Bee's Website and in this blog post:

  • 4 Leaf Clovers

  • Rainbows

  • Gold Coins

  • Crochet hooks

  • Green twisted skeins of yarn

  • Selfies of himself clicking his heels

  • St. Patrick's Day Baby Yoda

Not only did he hide these items but this whimsical fella stole the "Orchid and Bee's" name and hid it in a word search too! Now we have to find those as well! Keep reading to find out more about this St. Patty's Day Chaos!

Here are the rules and the prizes!

  1. To participate you will need to find as many of the images (on the website) and hidden words (in the word search near the end of this post) as you can! He is a tricky leprechaun and loves to "riddle" us, so make sure you count as many as you think he wants you to ha ha! "Riddle Me this! Riddle me that! I have tricks up my hat!"

  2. Next, after you have totaled up each item type your answers in the COMMENT SECTION of the corresponding "SCAVENGER HUNT FACEBOOK POST" in the VIP GROUP by Friday 8 A.M. CST. Click here to go directly to the post and submit your answers!

  3. I will post the answers and ANNOUNCE WINNERS on the blog and in the FACEBOOK VIP Group!

  4. The images are ONLY hidden in this blog post (that you are currently reading about the scavenger hunt details in) and on the main pages of the website (HOMEPAGE, SHOP RAVELRY, SHOP ETSY, FREE PATTERNS BLOG (Main Page), PATTERN TESTERS, ABOUT, CONTACT). You DO NOT need to search the other Free Pattern Blog Posts.

  5. When you comment with your answers in the VIP Group you will simply need to make a list 1 - 10 and put the answers next to each number. The questions you will be answering are in the image below this list.

  6. GRAND PRIZE: IF someone GUESSES the EXACT Amount of every item the tricky little leprechaun hid they will win every pattern in the Orchid and Bee's Ravelry Shop to date!

  7. RUNNER UP: Whoever finds the most of each item in total wins 25 Free PDF Patterns from the Ravelry Shop.

  8. PARTICIPATION PRIZE: All other participants will win a FREE PDF Pattern of choice from the Orchid and Bee's Ravelry Shop.

  9. Depending on the number of participants prizes will go out by Sunday March 21st. NOTE: If there is an overwhelming number of participants prize distribution may take longer.

  10. To receive your prize I will send a link to each participant via FACEBOOK PM. You will have to put your answers in the comment section of the CORRECT CONTEST POST to earn a prize. If you try to make a post in the group instead of putting the answers in the comment section of the contest post your post will not be approved.

  11. Each participant and winner will have 7 days to claim their prize from the day I send it via PM before it expires.

  12. If possible, try to view the site on multiple devices to find as many of the hidden items as you can. (i.e. mobile, laptop, tablet, pc)

  13. Be sure to invite your friends! They can subscribe so they never miss out on the fun that you have with Orchid and Bee's by clicking here!

  14. This leprechaun is a trickster! All I can say is if you see it... it counts *wink* *wink* ... he didn't tell me anymore than that ha ha! Good Luck!

This silly leprechaun took apart the business name "Orchid and Bee's" and has hid each word in the letter jumble below! Oh did I mention he hid each word multiple times! AND he had the nerve to not tell me how many times he hid each one! Yikes! How many times can you find each word - "ORCHID," "AND," "BEES"?

Do you have the luck of the Irish?! Let's see! Ready, Set, GO!

I look forward to seeing your answers! Please feel free to share this contest with your crochet friends! Everyone is welcome to join!


Karen E.

Orchid and Bee's

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Karen Edwards
Karen Edwards
Mar 17, 2021

Please put your answers in the Facebook group to claim prizes:


Mar 17, 2021
  1. 5

  2. 2

  3. 14

  4. 11

  5. contact us

  6. 10

  7. 2

  8. 4

  9. 4

  10. 5

Unknown member
Mar 18, 2021
Replying to

Please put your answers in the Facebook group to claim prizes 😊:

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